14-day Blogmas Starts Today!

Clearly I'm jumping on this hella late but yesterday's PR package I got in the mail from PIXI Beauty really inspired me to commit to a 14-day blogmas, starting today! Vloggers/bloggers normally start the first of December but given how busy work is right now, I didn't think twice about attempting. I literally died when I opened this package and could not believe PIXI customized this Glow Tonic* bottle for me!

The holiday season is my FAVORITE time of the year so why not share all the amazing beauty products and holiday editions I've been splurging on with my fellow beauty lovers! Forgive me if a miss a day or two but I'm going to try my best at a blog a day.

PIXI Beauty's Glow Tonic* is my end all be all facial toner! I've gone through bottles and bottles of this stuff and have yet to find something so amazing at an affordable price. It's also starting to pop up in more retail stores such as Target and Urban Outfitters because the brand is finally getting the recognition it always deserved. The Glow Tonic has a cult following and has won a Teen Vogue Acne Award as well! I religiously use this 2x a day, once in the morning post cleanse, and again in the evening post cleanse, pre mask. The Glycolic Acid ingredient helps to exfoliate the skin, the ginseng improves circulation, and the aloe vera soothes and hydrates. This leaves me skin with a glowing complexion and I have been breakout free for a few months now *knocks on wood*. I still can't get over the fact that I have my own Glow Tonic bottle that I will likely reuse over and over again once I run out. If you haven't jumped on this Glow Tonic bandwagon yet, I highly recommend you run out now and get one.

*pr sample

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