Halloween 2018 - The Corpes Bride

Alright y'all, this late is coming a few days post Halloween but I still wanted to share! During the countdown to the holiday, I love to re-watch old Halloween classics such as Corpes Bride and Halloweentown. With that, I immediately got inspired to be the Corpes Bride for Halloween! It was an easy face paint job and I could've worked harder by getting a blue wig but I honestly just wanted to use what I already had. The dress, flower crown, and makeup were all things I already had. The only two items I had to purchase was the blue and white face paint, which I grabbed last minute from the Spirit Halloween store and I think they were $3 each so they were very affordable!

As you can see from the photos, my other half was very cooperative in letting me paint his face as well haha. I'm still waiting for the day he lets me put makeup on him but this will do for now ;) The makeup was super easy, I prepped my face with the proper skincare first + primer because I had no idea how my skin was going to react to the face paint. Within 3-4 hours, the paint started to crack off so I did have to retouch throughout the day. However, it all washed off easily and even though there were no immediate signs of a bad reaction to the paint, I still did some major masking during the next few days just to be sure. Halloween is a super fun holiday that I always poorly plan around but something always comes through the last minute. I'm already looking forward to next year but in the meantime, we're finally on the countdown to Christmas!

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