All About Thayers - Hit or Miss?

Thayers is a natural remedy brand that basically has been around since the beginning of time (1828) and they've recently did some beautiful re-branding with their products. Not only that, Target has picked up their skincare line and is selling it in stores. A recent trend I'm noticing is non-traditional beauty stores have been ramping up their beauty offering with up and coming brands, between Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Target, just to name a few. The brand was generous enough to send me this amazing package of products, which I have been testing over the last few months. All of their products are cruelty and paraben free. Certain products can also be gluten free as well, which I find astonishing.
So let's start off with the toners. The two toners I sampled were the Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner* and the Original Aloe Vera*. The original one doesn't have much of a scent and as expected, the rose petal one smells absolutely amazing. I'm about halfway through both bottles and could not be any happier with the results. It's formulated for oily skin folks (me). The alcohol-free formula prevents unnecessary drying out and will soothe with its certified organic aloe vera ingredient. I've seen a huge difference in my skin texture and it feels very smooth upon application. The toners have natural, non-distilled extracts from the Hamamelis Virginiana plant (otherwise known as the Witch Hazel shrub), which is different from most toners out in the market. I pour a generous amount onto a cotton pad and swipe across my face twice a day after cleansing. The price ranges between $7-$11 depending on the formula so it's really affordable. When I'm done with these bottles, I'm looking to purchase the cucumber one next - these toners are def a hit!
Next up, their bar soap line. The ones I received were the Thayers Body Bars Rose* and Citrus*. I'm personally not the biggest fan of bar soap because I don't get the lather I desire but it was not the case for this one. I used up the Rose formula in a few weeks and was obsessed with the scent. The bar is formulated with certified organic aloe vera, coconut oil and palm oil combined for a rich lathering and moisturizing shower. I love the scent of roses and this filled my need for that. On the flip side, I'm not a citrus scent fan so I passed that bar along to my mom and she was just as obsessed! They are also very affordable, ranging from $5-$8 so definitely a hit.
Last batch of products are their lip balms. These guys range from $2-$5 so it's on par with competitors. To me, it actually takes a lot for me to love one lip balm from another and nothing in particular about this one would make buy it again. I went through the Peppermint* one and gave the Vanilla Bean* and Orange Grove* to my mom because again, not a fan of citrus and two, vanilla scent things are one of my worst nightmare because it's way too strong for my personal preference. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of all these Thayers products, it's just the lil balm that is a bit of a miss for me.
*pr sample

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