All About Chapstick!

Next to hand sanitizers, chapsticks are my #1 items I lose but now that I've been investing on higher end brands, I'm trying my best to kick the habit. I wasn't a big user of chapstick until my move to San Francisco because the cold weather took a big toll on giving my dry lips. Today's post is going to be a round up of all the chapsticks I currently have on rotation.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose: This one is hands down my all time favorite and most recommended. I had a hard time justifying a $24 chaptstick for a long time until I received this in one of Fresh's holiday value packs that is sold in Sephora in the Fall. It's literally the best chapstick I've ever used and leaves your lips baby soft. It comes in 10+ tints and scents packed with SPF 15 that moisturizes, protects, and smooths. Even my boyfriend hopped on getting his own because it's frickin a-ma-zing. Highly recommended and don't let that price tag scare you off because it is worth every dollar. I've lost guy over and over but has been found every time *knocks on wood*.

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm: They sell this in the US but I was super intrigued when I passed this in a beauty store in Hong Kong because I had never seen it like this before. The watermelon scent smelled SO good so I actually stocked up big time on this guy big time, especially since the watermelon scent isn't sold in the US. Watermelon is huge with Asians so I bet that's why it's not sold here. I LOVE watermelon juice and they frickin sell bottles of it at Starbucks there! I'd kill for that. Even though this packaging looks cheaper than the ones in the US, I prefer this one much more. This one is loaded with SPF 20 sunscreen and leaves you with of course, baby soft lips, aka the name. Much cheaper price point if you're not willing to splurge yet.

Tony Moly's Mini Fruit Lip Balm: I'm stupid obsessed with this brand's fun packaging. My last blog review included their apple shared hand cream, which is similar to this one. This one is a tiny tomato shaped lip balm, which smells 110% true to a fresh cherry tomato, ie to die for. It leaves your lips moisturized and honestly just super cute to have in your purse/makeup bag. The one thing I would change with this is I wished it was more like the EOS lip balm when you don't have to use your fingers to apply onto your lips. You have to dip your fingers into it, which I don't find completely sanitary but that doesn't stop me from loving this because I have hand sanitizer with me 24/7.

Honey Belle's Matcha Kiss Lip Balm: I picked this up at their lil stand on a 626 Night Market visit in LA. Anything matcha automatically catches me attention so obvi I had to pick this up. The formula is packed with Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Organic Beeswax that helps to nourish the skin. Although it doesn't have SPF, I don't mind it because the owner of the brand is super inspirational so I highly recommend you check out her products. There is also Eucalyptus Essential Oil to help balance the strong matcha taste so the after-feeling is a refreshing minty tingly feeling. Love this one and it's perfect for any matcha fans!

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