A Roundup of My Favorite Hand Creams

I feel like I've previously mentioned this but in case you aren't aware, my beauty obsessed mom has made me use hand cream for as long as I can remember. With that, I basically have hand creams with my in all my purses + in main places where a majority of my life is spent (in bed and at work). I'm going to go into a snippet of all the hand creams I currently have on rotation in no particular order so enjoy!

Tony Moly's Red Apple Hand Cream: I had one of these sitting on my desk at work, which I recently finished. At any given time, I have 1-2 of these guys in my back up stash because I am stupid obsessed with the scent. A second one sits on top of my Ikea Alex Drawer, which is my last top of items to put on (perfume, my daily lil trinket jewelry pieces) on my way out to work in the morning so I do a dab of this hand cream on my way out the door. The hand cream smells EXACTLY like it's name and is so on point I can't even put it into words. I literally could smell it all day long and it's lightweight on your hands and absorbs very quickly. 10/10 stars from Pineapple Lipstick on this one. Cannot live without it.

Gourmand Matcha Hand Cream: Over the last few years, Urban Outfitters has stepped up their beauty/skincare game. I was strolling through their beauty section on some random afternoon and the matcha distinction immediately caught my eye. It seems like this brand is exclusive to UO and they have additional scents in addition to Matcha. This one sits on my the counter top of my bathroom sink as a post-hand wash hand cream.

Tony Moly Pokemon Edition Hand Cream: I unfortunately couldn't find an online store to purchase these limited edition Pokemon hand creams. Tony Moly was genies to do a Pokemon collaboration when Pokemon Go went viral. I picked up a couple of these when I was in Hong Kong. The formula is very similar to the Red Apple one and really has nothing to do with Pokemon. It's just the packaging but I'm clearly a sucker for that.

Aesop's Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm: I am absolutely 100% obsessed with Aesop's packaging aesthetic. Personally, I refer to the as 'grown-up adulting' products because I personally can't justify $30-40 hand soaps but would love to one day splurge on once I make it haha. I mean damn, I couldn't even buy the hand cream for myself - it was a gift from my sweet boyfriend. This hand cream lives on my vanity, that really acts as a end table for my side of the bed. I use a dose of this one right before bed and I purposely don't take it out because I'd be devastated if it ever got lost before finishing it. (I have that bad habit with chapsticks).

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream: This is the hand cream I've been using for as long as I can remember. I literally have a million of these everywhere because my mom is gifted this pretty frequently and she sends them my way. My two favorite are the Lavender scent (pictured) and the original Shea Butter one. This is probably my mom's #1 go-to. Her favorite time of the year is in the Fall because L’Occitane almost always has value gift sets of these guys at Sephora. I do prefer the Shea Butter one because it's thicker than the Lavender. This one is really a staple in the hand cream world.

Whoo, if you had the patience to read through my hand cream picks, hats off to you! If you have additional recommendations, please send my way! I'm always happy to add to my never ending collection.

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