Was Tarte's Maracuja Oil a Hit or Miss?

I know it may sound counter-intuitive for those of you with oily skin (such as myself) to use oils but skin oils can actually help decrease it, which is why I decided to pick up Tarte's Maracuja Oil. This skin oil is meant to help battle skin problems such as hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin texture, and a dull complexion. I read a TON of raving reviews on this product and it's cold-pressed from the maracuja fruit, naturally rich in brightening Vitamin C and replenishing essential fatty acids to nourish the skin.

Unfortunately, my skin wasn't a fan. Don't get me wrong though, my skin was a fan of other oils but just not this guy and it's not unusual for different reaction from different folks. After using it for a week, I ended up breaking out. I gave the product a second chance a few months later and I got the same result. I'm not saying it's a bad product because clearly it has worked wonders for other bloggers but rather this is a good example on why it's smart to test out a few samples on your skin since everyone has different reactions.

I ended up giving the Maracuja Oil to my mom and she was obsessed with no breakouts and great results so at least it didn't go to waste. If you guys have your own POV on Tarte's Maracuja Oil, please leave a comment below!

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