Haul from Hong Kong!

I went to clean out my drafts folder and I couldn't believe this lil guy was lost in there and never blogged about. I went to Hong Kong last October so clearly this is long overdue. I love going to Hong Kong because I get to see my Gramz who is literally my BFF. She switched back and forth between Hong Kong and Hawaii until I graduated high school and left for San Francisco. Anyways, I always bring back a suitcase full of products enough to last me centuries. However, I kept it light this time because I'm still not even through all the stuff I bought from my trip in 2015. I'm obsessed with the skincare products there because the same item is cheaper there compared to buying it in the US.

My favorite find was the Green Tea flavored Listerine! I don't believe the sell this in the US and I was so jealous that Hong Kong has the flavor as a permanent product. I LOVE green tea and it really does taste like it with a hint of mint. I've gone through the little bottle and I'm halfway into the bigger one. I'm trying to savor it as long as possible.

I also really dig the Maybelline Baby Lips chapstick because the packaging is much smaller than the US one (as far as I know) and it's WATERMELON flavor. It smells so sweet and delicious so I went ahead and bought a backup.

The rest of the items are all sold in the US but I got them for much cheaper (and they're not knockoffs). The price probably goes up when the products are sold here because it does take money shipping it to the US vs buying it at the source. A lot of these items I had my eyes on at Sephora but I waited knowing I'd get a much better deal in Hong Kong. The brands include Shu Umera, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, and DHC. The Apple hand cream from Tony Moly is absolutely to die for and smells like a dream, you can read a post dedicated to it here.

I'm already daydreaming of my next trip to Hong Kong because every time I go, I am in skincare heaven. I'd kill for a SaSa (it's a beauty chain like Sephora but all they have is Asian beauty products).

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