ELF's New Blush/Highlighter Duo

I made a quick trip to Target a few weeks ago (there is no such thing as 'quick trip' to Target by the way lol) to pick up more ELF's Makeup Remover Pens because I finished my last one. These babies are a holy grail of mine and so affordable at $3! I dedicated an entire blog post on the pen, which you can read more about here. Anyways, ELF's Baked Blush/Highlighter Duo in Rose Gold immediately caught my attention once I got to the ELF section in the beauty aisle. Again, it won't break the bank as it was $4. Since it was so cheap, I thought I had nothing to lose really.
The blush wasn't the most pigmented formula I've used (granted I use 90% more upscale brands) but it was great for the price point. It's a beautiful shade of shimmery pink that gives you a healthy glow. The shade of pink is very similar to NARs Laguna in my opinion. It blends seamlessly as well so that was also a plus. However, the highlighter was a tad bit disappointing. The baked highlighter looks like it's be crazy pigmented from the shine it gives off but it was pretty weak. It took a good couple of swatches for me to get it visible on my skin. I'm the type of person that wants to GLOW when I highlight so this may be for someone who wants a subtle glow.

All in all, it wasn't a mind blowing product but for $4, it was worth every penny. I've been incorporating the blush and highlighter into my daily options I pick from every morning and have been loving it. I especially love giving my higher end products a break every now and then. The next time you find yourself in a 'quick trip' to Target, I recommend stopping by the ELF section to pick this lil bad boy up.

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