Bye Pores, See You Never!

K-beauty products have really become a popular trend, which I of course am so proud of because it's about time us Asians get the recognition we deserve. I bought these two Face Shop products a while back and I periodically forget about it, which is unfortunate because the expiration date is coming up in the next few months so I'm quickly trying to get through them without wasting a drop. It's from their pore tightening line that intrigued me because no matter how much I take care of my skin, larger sized pores have been passed down to me from my papa bear.
The first product up for review is the Pore Tightening All in One Serum. As you can see from the swatch above, its a light formula and when applied to your skin, absorbs fairly quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. I use this following toner and apply all over. You immediately see a difference in your pores - my problem area are the pores around my nose. The serum also smells like the spa. It's a scent I can't really describe but you'll know what I'm talking about if you take a sniff yourself.
The next product in the Face Shop is the Pore Tightening Cover Cream. It has a silicon like texture so I apply this to my t-zones and the areas that tend to get oily before I apply face primer. This lil guy works miracles because my big noticeable pores are immediately smoothed out. Even on the days where I decide to go makeup free, I have to wear this at the very least because it smooths out the texture of my skin. The scent of the cover cream is very similar to the spa-like scent as the serum. What's great about this cream too is it doesn't clog your pores and leaves you feeling extra confident, especially on the no makeup days.

If you guys have similar pore problems like I do, I recommend looking into this two products!

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