Sunscreen is a MUST 24/7

I am a HUGE advocate of wearing sunscreen the second you step out of the house. Whether it's 80 degrees in the summertime or 50 degrees and gloomy in the winter, you need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's UV lights. Since there is such a big hype around K Beauty, I decided to try out a sunscreen from The Face Shop since I was running low on Supergoop's City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30. The Face Shop's Natural Sun Eco sunscreen has SPF 50 so clearly your skin will have full protection.

The biggest factor in my sunscreen purchases is that it absolutely cannot smell like the typical sunscreen - there is something about that scent that hits a nerve with me. The formula has sunflower sprout and has a floral/sunflower scent, hence the packaging in the front. It smells so good and feels very light on the skin. I apply the sunscreen after my moisturizer and before priming my skin for foundation. It blends seamlessly and doesn't feel heavy whatsoever. As soon as I was halfway done with the bottle, I repurchased a second because I was so in love. I never leave the house without applying sunscreen and it really makes all the difference for your skin in the long run. It prevents early ageing and if you battle pigmentation like I do, the money you're spending on lightening products are going straight to the drain because the UV lights are darkening them all over again.

If you guys aren't avid sunscreen users, I recommend finding one that best suits you - possible even starting with this one that I can't live without!

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