Seasonal Lush Haul!

It's no surprise that LUSH launched an amazing holiday line of products! From lip scrubs, bath bombs, and shower products, it's holiday scent heaven! I did restrain myself and just picked up one holiday item - the Santa's Belly Shower Jelly. In addition to that, I finally picked up the Tea Tree Water that I've been meaning to purchase for a while.

Let's start off with Santa's Belly Shower Jelly! Just the name of it is so adorable since it's jelly-like texture, similar to what you'd imagine Santa's jolly belly to feel like haha. The shower jelly is red, infused with gold sparkles and has a refreshing apple scent, which screams holiday. The formula consists of fresh apple and grape juices that are blended into the soft seaweed base to brighten and cleanse your skin and if you want to go the extra mile, keep the jar in the freezer prior to your shower for an even greater shower! When using, you cut off a piece can can either use it like a bar of soap or lather into your loofah. I prefer to use the loofah because it a stronger bubble lather vs using the pieces as a bar of soap. If you're interested in LUSH holiday products, head over soon because they'll be gone in a few weeks!

Moving onto the Tea Tree Water that is not a holiday item! This item is right up my alley because it is for tired, oily, and dull skin. I like to spritz this guy on after cleansing my face and right before hitting the sheets in the evening. It's a toner that is a refreshing pick-me-up that clears up any redness and excess oil. It has a soothing scent because of the tea tree water ingredient and has been helping to prevent breakouts.

I'm obsessed with LUSH because they do no test on animals and smell SOOOO GOOD. Like I said, you guys better head over to your nearest location if you want to get your hands on their holiday products!

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