Giorgio Armani LIp Magnets!

I was soooooo stoked when I received these lil cuties in the mail from Giorgio Armani Beauty since its my first go at trying their products! They released a line of matte liquid lipsticks called Lip Magnets - these bad boys have been raved about left and right so this is going to be an exciting post. The packaging of the lipsticks are smaller (and wider) than your average liquid lipstick so it's easier to travel with, it's about the size of a regular lipstick.
The formula of the Lip Magnets are a lot thinner than what I'm used to. When I first swatched it, I felt a little disappointment because the lipstick took forever to dry. The brands I use on a daily basis such as ColourPop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks tend to dry pretty quick. However, don't let that first impression fool you! Although it takes a few more minutes to completely dry, the lipstick has an INSANE lasting power. I'm always hesitant to wear red lipstick at client lunches or events where I don't have the time to worry about touch ups. The red liquid lipstick lases through an oily meal, a couple of drinks, and it barely needed any touch up. I was shocked!

The two colors I received is the perfect true universal red (#400) and a vibrant rose (#505) - right up my alley and perfect for all my upcoming holiday parties. Their website claims it has an eight hour wear, which is true from my experience and it's lightweight so you can barely feel the lipstick on your lips (aka, the thinner formula than what I'm used to. The formula is four times thinner and has twice as much color as your traditional lipstick. The point in the brush is also different from your traditional liquid lipstick and it plays a huge role in an easier application. It's way more convenient to trace your cupid's bow and outer lip corners. All liquid lipsticks need to adapt to this brush immediately!

I'm obsessed with how AMAZING this lipstick was and I was more disappointed in myself for jumping into negative conclusions because I was so wrong. The Lip Magnets sell for $38 a pop so it's pricier than your average lipstick but the quality is beyond average!
*pr samples included

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