ZARA's Quirky Style

I've been pretty MIA from blogging but if you follow me on Instagram (@sillaaa), you'll know I spent the last two weeks in Hong Kong. I haven't been testing out much products lately so I thought I'd ease back in with an #ootd post. ZARA is one of my favorite brands (actually... it might be my favorite) and I was obsessed with this quirky dress when I first saw it. However, at $50 I was on the fence about it and eventually walked away because my self control took over. It was a sad day but during their semi annual sale, I stumbled upon this dress and it was the only one left and luckily, it was in my size. VERY RARE. On top of that, it $17 so I was sold! It is so exciting when you have your eyes on a piece and eventually get it on sale. (It's the Asian in me) The boots I paired with this dress was also on sale at ZARA for $15, which I've previously reviewed here.

There are two things that I am obsessed with on the dress is the huge pocket it has + the randomness of the patches. It's very strange but I have a very strange obsession with clothes that have huge pockets. Being a female, we're not used to deep pockets compared to the dudes so this really attracts me. The pocket is so deep it's really borderline to being a kangaroo haha. Next are the patches. You can't exactly figure out a 'theme' per se of the patches and that's the point! I love it when ZARA has quirky designs in their pieces. Gold pineapple, peanut butter, banana, peach, and a glow glass cleaner? I'm all for it!

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