Recap of Thanksgiving 2016!

This is going to be more of a personal post to recap Thanksgiving 2016! Growing up, I didn't celebrate the tradition Thanksgiving holiday - instead, my family found it as a reason to get together to do shabu shabu and have a few days off. Now that I'm on the mainland on my own, the bae and I just cherish the four days off and whip up stuff we don't normally have time to do. My responsibility of dinner was dessert and a side dish while Ronz spent six hours of his precious brisket. There was just the two of us but his brisket was 15 pounds... aka we'll be eating leftovers for the next 1-2 weeks *sighs*.

Let me caveat by saying I have absolutely zero talent in cooking. I once attempted to make 'cookies' and it came out to be a cornbread texture lol. I was amazed at how well my pumpkin cheesecake came out to be, along with my mashed potatoes. The main secret to my success was due to Country Crock's Spreadable Butter, which was a main ingredient in the cake and potatoes! I spent the week before Thanksgiving scrounging my colleagues for their secret recipes and I'm very proud of myself because the dishes came out delicious *pats self on back*. I gained some muscle making the cheesecake because all the mixing and whipping was manual labor since I didn't have a stand mixer.

Every year after dinner, we either head straight to Black Friday shopping or take 1-2 hour nap. This year, we opted for the nap since the food put us right to bed. I ordered a few things online from ColourPop, they were selling liquid lipsticks for 20% off, a pair of heels from Zara, who was doing 30% off site wide, and a $30 slow cooker from Macy's, who had crazy doorbuster sales. After the nap, we headed straight to the new San Francisco Premium Outlets and shopped until we literally dropped through the night and morning. For the last few years, we've been hitting up SF Union Square but it was time for a change with the outlets - however, we did make it to Union Square around 6pm for more shopping and made it in time to see the big Macy's tree light up.

After two very exciting days of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we rested up on Saturday before going out to pick out our first real Christmas tree! The one and only time I ever had a real Christmas tree was when I was six months old. It never made sense to get one in college since we left back to Hawaii by mid December but this time it felt right to invest in one. It was such an AMAZING experience that I'm going to document on Instagram so go follow me there for pictures! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and the rest of the photos are from cooking.
*pr sample included

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