First Thoughts on Bioderma Sebium H20!

I heard/read nothing but great things when started to carry Bioderma products. However, I wasn't ready to buy the product just yet because I was still curious to how it felt on my skin before purchasing the full size. Bioderma products aren't as readily available in the US because it's a French brand so luckily when I was in Hong Kong this past October, you could get your hands on it at every beauty and drug store! After sampling a travel sized one for a couple of days, I was sold. The Bioderma Sebium H20 is a water based makeup remover that is great for us oily skin folks. Due to the amount of makeup I wear, this doesn't work great on it's own but perfect as a second step, following Neutrogena's Total Makeup Removal Cleansing Wipes. A single wipe can't successfully remove all my makeup either so following up with Bioderma's cleansing water has become my daily routine.

Another plus is this water based cleanser is great if you have eyelash extensions. I got extensions done in Hong Kong (AND LOVE THEM SO MUCH BTW) for $30. When you have eyelash extensions, you can no longer use oil based makeup removers because it's detrimental to the lashes. I've been using a q-tip to poke around my eyelids to clean stray foundation. The solution doesn't have a scent, similar to water. In addition, there is one with pink packaging and one with blue (pictured). The blue is targeted to those with dry skin because it helps with moisture. All in all, if you are a subtle makeup user, this cleaning solution will work wonders! It's refreshing and does a great job at cleaning. Water based cleaners are becoming more popular, especially in Asia so this is a great starting point!

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