A Little Zara Obsessed...

If you haven't already noticed, ZARA makes up a pretty a good majority of my wardrobe.

I bought the body suit right before I left to Hong Kong and this week was probably my last chance to wear it since the harsh winter season is just about to roll in (f u @karlthefog). I saw this piece from a mile away shopping at Zara and it was the last one. I may or may not have said a little prayer to the fashion gods before I checked the size and voila- it was a small, perfect! You can see in the close-up picture that the details are exquisite. I LOVE how the bell-styled sleeves have two layers of lace material. The entire arm is also made of the same material so I really dig the contrast between the lace and polyester materiel for the rest of the suit.

Since the weather wasn't too cold, I paired the body suit with a corduroy skirt that was from some random boutique in Hawaii and you guessed it, knee high boots from Zara. These boots are also a new purchase because I actually did not know heeled knee highs, just flats. I am obsessed with all shoes Zara makes and this one wasn't bad at I believe $80. Their designs are chic and at an affordable price point. With the weather about to get colder, I am stoked to wear these boots often. Even though they're heeled, they are comfortable as hell - it actually feels like you're walking on flats. I've been on a hunt for the perfect heeled knee high boots for weeks now but there was always something wrong with other brands, - i.e. uncomfortable to walk in, boots would gradually fall as you walk, not the right toe shape, etc.

Now that I'm equipped with these perfect boots, I feel like I'm finally ready to officially welcome the Fall season.

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  1. Your outfit is SO cute! Love the boots and skirt :)