Stylin with Stussy!

It's that time of the year where San Francisco graciously blesses us with our routine five days of Summer where we utilize our summer pieces as much as possible before the fog rolls back in. This #ootd review is to feature a piece I've been currently obsessed with from Stussy. During my high school days, I loved Stussy t's but overtime, it started to stay away from my purchases. The brand had a prescence at the 626 Night Market in LA, which is where I picked up this bomber jacket for $30 - aka a crazy steal! I'm sure this piece went for $100+ at a point.

I love the mesh of the bomber because you can pair it with a crop top underneath during the summer. In addition to that, Stussy put a lot of though behind the design and details of this jacket. As you can see below, the collar, sleeves, and rim around the jacket all have white letters that spell out Stussy. I love white on white color scheme and the subtle design. It was it was another color, the design would've been too much in my opinion. The bomber was paired with a crop top from ZARA and thrifted high waisted shorts, which if I remember correctly was from the Rosebowl Flea Market from many years ago.

I'm all for the little details in life so kudos to Stussy for designing such a beautiful bomber!

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