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I love PIXI Beauty because they spoil me with their monthly new products and it's an easy way for me to have a more open mind around drug store brands. I love how the brand is working hard to extend their skincare and makeup lines - the Glow Mud Cleanser made its way to my everyday routine and I'll have a full review of that soon. I got four different mascaras this time around I appreciate how they have a specific purpose. As you guys know because I complain all the time, I have non-existent eyelashes so mascara is a big part of my daily routine.
Let's start off with my favorite out of the four, the Lower Lash Mascara. I'm not sure if it's just me that lives under a rock but I had no idea there was mascara invented that's for the lower lash. I did a quick Google search and other brands so make it but what a great frickin idea! Applying mascara to your bottom lashes makes all the difference but I struggle because of the big wand. The want is ultra slim so it's an EXTREMELY easy application and the wand separates the bottom lashes for a voluminous look. I am obsessed and added this to my daily routine. My small hooded Asian eyes needs everything possible to open them up.
Before I apply anything to my lashes, I first prime with Dior's Volume Plumping Eyelash Primer, aka my holy grail product that gives me lashes so much life. After this, I follow up with PIXI's Black Laquer Lash Primer. I think it's ok to do a double primer because PIXI's primer is blank vs Dior's, which is a white color. The formula is loaded with Vitamin A and C and the wand really helps to separate the lashes, prepping it to maximize the volume from your mascara.
After the primer, I apply the Lengthy Fiber Mascara. This mascara is special because of the fiber in it's formula that gives maximum length to your lashes. When this mascara is paired with Dior's Primer, it can truly give you voluminous lashes as if you used a high end product. For a drug store mascara, it has a great performance and you can trust me on this because I barely have any eyelashes. You can even see the fibers in the details of the brush on the photo above.
The next mascara is a color a color I haven't tried before, blue. The Lash Booster Mascara has a 'push up' wand to give you that extra curl. Out of the four mascaras I received, this was the only waterproof formula and it lasts throughout the day pretty well. Similar to the rest of the mascaras, this also provides great volume and the blue color is actually not as crazy as it sounds. Given my dark brown colored eyes, the blue adds a nice pop of color to my eyes, especially since I'm not too big on eye shadow for my everyday M-F 9-5 life.

My overall view on these drug store mascaras is definitely a thumbs up. I'm forever addicted to Dior's Lash Primer because that enhances any mascara. I have a huge appreciation for PIXI so I do recommend you all try a product or two!
*pr samples included

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