Zara Sales = Christmas!

I know it's been me crying 'work' and 'life' getting in my way of my blogging so I wanted to give a little life update before going into the review. I had all four of my wisdom's out last Thursday and my recovery is going slower than planned. It was the most physical pain I've ever experienced and I still have a long way to go before I'm 100% healed. Besides the pain, the next frustrating thing is not being able to eat. I LOVE food so much and it's been sad to eat nothing but meds. When this is all said and done, I'll probably gain 20+ pounds indulging in food.

With that, let's go into the review shall we? Zara had their semi annual sale maybe a month ago and I had an amazing haul. I picked up a couple of pieces I had my eyes on all season and they were finally discounted so you'll see some ootd posts here and there featuring those on the blog or Instagram (follow me! @sillaaa). Zara is one of my favorite brands of shoes so this was one my most successful hauls to date. The items that I wanted to feature were these four pairs of shoes all originally priced at $80+ EACH but I got them all for a TOTAL OF $80. WHAT. A. STEAL.
The first pair are these beautiful and to-die for mules. This was my favorite pair out of the bunch and I was SO excited to find them in store. It was sold out online and according to the website, it was sold out at all Zaras near me so I was upset. During one lunch break I decided to pop into the nearby Zara because I had nothing to lose. I searched the store high and low and found one last pair IN MY SIZE. I'm a size 8 and I feel that's a pretty average shoe size so I was shocked. I'm sure it was pure luck where someone returned it (for reasons I will never understand given how beautiful the shoe is) but who cares before IT WAS MINE. This baby was $20, aka a steal. The details on the mule is so exquisite with the silver details on the block heel and the unique pointed toe shape. I had to wear this shoe the very next day.
Pair #2. I've always wanted a pair of boots with a gold heel detail but could never find the perfect ones until now and at $20, I couldn't say no. The boots are at a perfect height where they are sexy, but at the same time comfortable enough to go shopping in. Fall is right around the corner so I've been pairing dresses with these boots for the season transition and I'm just obsessed. I bought all four of these shoes at once and to I'm actually still shocked as hell they were all in my size. During Zara sales, it's usually WAY to small or WAY to big.
Pair #3, another pair of boots. I loved this pair because of the shiny and soft leather material - a type of boot I did not have in my collection. It has a huge sexy factor because of the shine so it spices up any outfit. The height of the boot is slightly higher than the ones with the gold detail so it does take some time to get used to but after 2-3 wears, I do find it to be comfortable to walk around in all day. I almost walked away without this pair because I did have a reality check for a second and thought 'do I really need another pair of boots' and then I was like come on Priscilla, it's $15 - get a grip. I'm glad I was not dumb enough to walk away because it's been a great addition to the shoe family.
Last but not least, pair #4. I've been in the market for casual slides so when I laid my eyes on these, I was like please shoe gods, please be in my size. There were only two left and luck was on my side again because it was a size 8! These are perfect to casually wear to lunch in the neighborhood or go grocery shopping. They unfortunately aren't Fall shoes so I'm trying to get the most out of them now as much as I can.

All four of these shoes are authentic leather and the fact that I got them all for $80 still blows my mind. At the moment, I'm still really frustrated over my wisdom's so if you have any stories from your experience or want to share you Zara hauls, I'd love to read about them!

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