First Time Trying Ole Henriksen!

Well first off, I am SO sorry for my hiatus! July is always insane with my birthday, getaways (just got back from the City of Angels!), and work really vamped up this month since we launched a brand new product that was backed by huge advertising campaign. So let's get started. I get extra excited when brands and/or products I've never got around to trying before get dropped off my good ol mr. mailman. I hear nothing but amazing reviews on Ole Henriksen products and I finally got a chance to try them myself!

The POWER Bright Treatment came with one use but that was enough for me to see a difference! The full sized comes with six treatments and will cost you $55 but I think it's worth it. Now that my skin is behaving and breaking out less, I'm more focused on brightening my skin and getting rid of the dark spots. It's a three step brightening system that has 25% vitamin C concentrate to deliver impeccable radiance. The three steps include 1) Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask 2) Truth 25% Vitamin C Concentrate and 3) Pure Truth Melting Cleanser. Since I saw such great results, I plan to buy the full sized and I recommend you do the same as well if you're in the market for a brightening treatment.
The next product is yet again to help me with my dark spots and uneven skin texture. The Sheer Transformation is an oil free moisturizer that is light weight with a beautiful whipped texture. I mean, just look at the photo - ain't it a beaut? The formula is infused with fruit acids to exfoliate that helps cells turnover, resulting in smoother skin. There isn't really a scent to the moisturizer but it feels soo good as it soaks into your face.
The last product in my Ole Henriksen round up is the Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster that is a Sephora exclusive. Similar to the rest of the products, it has high with a proprietary five-source vitamin C complex that helps to boost collagen and brighten skin. I use it in my morning routine and gently pat the serum into my skin so it absorbs effectively. The one downside to this serum is because of a personal preference so it's not the products fault. I'm a strange being where I love orange juice but don't eat oranges and can't stand the scent of oranges. I understand why this serum has the scent of oranges because of the vitamin C but I am not a fan. However, that wasn't enough to stop me from using it because I'm seeing great results.

All in all, I can't believe it took me so long to finally try Ole Henriksen products out because I am a fan. Especially since the products are great for skin brightening, which is my main focus at the moment.
*pr sample included

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