Getting Your Massage On With LUSH!

I am an absolute huge fan of LUSH products because they are all natural and you're basically in scent heaven. I've bought everything from their face masks, to lip scrubs, and shampoos but realized I haven't tried any of their massage bars yet so I gave it a shot because let's be real - who doesn't love a massage? I bought the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar and have been using it nonstop since. You glide the bar (I prefer the side with the adzuki beans because of the texture) against your dry skin and it melts upon contact. This bar is made to soothe your aching muscles and I can say with confidence when I use this after a bath, I feel soooo relaxed. If you're lucky, having someone else do it for you feel 10x more amazing haha.

The bar is made with all natural butters and oils! The featured ingredient in this specific bar is the Cinnamon Leaf Oils and Peppermint, which is why your skin will feel warm and tingly. The bar melts immediately upon contact to heat so I'd keep it in a cool place - lucky for me, I live in the foggy city haha. If you guys haven't tried a massage bar from LUSH, I'd rush over to the nearest location right now!

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  1. I love my Wiccy massage bar. It smells wonderful, and my husband even likes it.