Obsessed With TULA's Discovery Kit!

I've said it a million times but you guys know how much I love new and upcoming beauty brands! TULA was kind enough to send me their discovery kit that is currently my latest obsession. If you haven't heard of the brand, it's either sold on QVC or directly from TULA's website. The one aspect that has TULA standing out is their specialization in their probiotic technology. The Probiotic ingredient helps to stimulate the production of vital defense cells to make your skin healthier and more resistant to exterior damage such as the everyday UV rays you're exposed to.

From their website-
"Probiotics are known to improve the health of your digestive system. Did you know their powerful healing benefits can also be applied to your skin? Powered by probiotic technology, each TULA product is a nourishing smoothie for your skin, feeding it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and defending it from damage."

The TULA Discovery Kit includes a travel size of the Purifying Face Cleanser, Hydrating Day & Night Cream, Illuminating Face Serum, and a Revitalizing Eye Cream. They are the perfect size to dip your toes into the brand and the kit will cost you $52 and it's valued at $104!
First off, all the products smell as if you're fresh out of a spa. I've been religiously using the Hydrating Day & Night Cream as the last step of my skincare routine. The formula feels very lightweight, absorbs quickly into your skin, and in the long run, will minimize fine lines and maintain the firmness in your skin. Although I am still in my 20's it's never too early to start using anti-aging products so I highly recommend this.
The clear swatch to the right is the Purifying Face Cleanser that also feels very lightweight and great for all skin types. I use a generous amount of makeup daily so I start with a cleansing oil and then rely on this gentle cleanser to remove the leftover grime on my skin. You will physically feel your pores cleaned out without drying out your skin. I use my Clarisonic MIA 3 brush to help foam up the formula.

The swatch in the middle is the Revitalizing Eye Cream that is a thick and rich formula that helps to minimize dark circles and puffiness. I'm blessed to not have dark circles but this eye cream helps with the puffy look I wake up with every morning. It's enriched with a blend of Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Oil Squalane to help hydrate skin around the eyes, which is wonderful since that part of your skin is thin and delicate. When you pat it on, that part of your skin will feel instantly hydrated and refreshed.

The last product in the Discovery Kit is the Illuminating Face Serum. This is the swatch all the way to the right and as you can see, it's a thin formula that absorbs quickly into the skin. This is my favorite out of the three because it results in a more even skin tone and helps to fade the appearance of dark spots, which I have so much of due to past acne breakouts. After the cleansing step, you immediately a dime sized amount into your skin and let it absorb. I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I've seen such a big difference in my dark spots!

All TULA products are made without Parabens, Mineral oil, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, and never tested on animals. If you guys haven't already given TULA a try, I highly recommend purchasing the Discovery Kit because you will not be disappointing!

*pr samples included

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