In Love With L'Oréal's Ever Pure Cleansing Balm!

As you guys know, haircare is by no means my forte when it comes to beauty. However, I am trying to be more proactive at this since I do battle dry and damaged hair due to the last round of bleach in December. It's a 10's Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin has been giving so much life back into my hair and you can read my review of it here I was sent L'Oréal's Ever Pure Cleansing Balm and have been in love with it since the first try!

In case you don't know, a cleansing balm is basically an all-in-one step for your hair regimen. The calm cleans, conditions, treats, detangles, softens, and adds shine to your hair all in one wash. Similar to washing your hair with shampoo, you apply 8 pumps to wet hair, leave it in for 5 minutes and rinse out. The thing I love the most about the formula is it is free of sulfates, harsh salts, parabens, and is vegan. Most drug store brand shampoos + conditioners are full of bad ingredients for your hair - especially color treated hair. All of the nasty ingredients are especially bad for toned hair since it washes the toner out of your hair way quicker, resulting in you needing an expensive retouch at the salon sooner than planned.

Before this cleansing balm, I washed my hair about once a week with dry shampoo in-between. Now, I can do it twice a week - one day with purple shampoo and one day with the cleansing balm. Because there aren't any harsh ingredients in the balm, it doesn't fade the toner out of my hair. And honestly, you guys can't imagine how much I appreciate the extra wash haha since before I sent silver/grey, I HAD to wash my hair everyday, no matter the circumstance. I can definitely see the health of my hair improving so I highly recommend this product!

*pr sample included

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  1. This sounds like something I should try, haha. My hair is so damaged. It sounds really simple and easy to use, too. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this!