#1 Holy Grail Facial Cleanser

I've used a countless amount of cleansers over the years but my #1 favorite, holy grail cleanser is Murad's Clarifying Cleanser. When I was in Hong Kong the ending of last year, I experienced probably the worst breakout by far of my adult life, most likely because of the change in the environment. The breakout encouraged me to try this cleanser out since I received a deluxe sized sample from Sephora that lasted me about 3 weeks. Within the 3 weeks, I saw drastic improvement of the acne going away. Keep in mind, this is a cleanser so it's not an overnight fix. However, this is the only cleanser from my experience where my acne 99% cleared up overtime. When I ran out of the sample, I immediately bought two full sized bottles. Since then, I just finished the first one and just started the second.

It's a gel cleanser that cleans out the nasty pore-clogging grime. The cleanser is formulated with 1.5% salicylic acid that helps to clear up your current acne and prevents future breakouts from happening. My most favorite feature of this cleanser is the salicylic acid is encapsulated, meaning even after you rinse the cleanser, the medicine will continue to gradually release for hours throughout the day. I'd say this is the main reason why my skin started to clear up, because it was getting salicylic acid throughout the day. After you rinse, your skin feels cool and relaxed because of the menthol and green tea extract, which calms down any redness from acne. This is by far my favorite cleanser, especially since it doesn't dry my skin out. I am obsessed and I highly recommend it for any of you guys battling acne!

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