Zara From Head to Toe!

I absolutely love, love, love Zara! I appreciate how Zara has something for every age, from young children, to the young professional, and even the older generation as my Grandma (who is in her early 80's) is also a huge Zara shopper. Now that I'm getting older, I'm trying to make a habit to buy higher quality clothes and stray more away from places such as Forever 21. This look from head to toe is all Zara- the crop top, culotte, scarf, and heels.

The heels are ones I bought for my college graduation so I've had them for about two years now and they have yet to start showing any wear and tear. They are so comfortable and the black and white contrast has such a chic style. The other three Zara pieces was purchased during my Hong Kong trip last year. The scarf kept me so warm in the winter so it became a staple. Now that Spring is getting closer, it'll retire soon and I'll have more opportunities to wear the crop top. This is my first pair if culottes and I thought I wouldn't be able to pull if off but I really like the look of it!

Are there any Zara pieces you guys are obsessed with? Share them with your girl!


  1. I love this outfit! I totally agree - Zara is amazing! I just love how it's got such a wide variety of clothes. I can never walk past a Zara haha. My favourite Zara item would be my baby blue coat, it's so pretty. Great post! Holly x |