Casual Fall/Spring Look!

First off, I want to apologize to all my amazing readers for falling off the blogging grid. If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably already all caught up that I have been busy with work. As most of you guys know, Pineapple Lipstick is something I do on the side in addition to a full time job in the advertising industry, where I was on a TV shoot all week long. Now that I'm back, let's dive into a fashion post.

San Francisco's weather is currently in the strange time where we're in the middle of Winter and Spring, aka the perfect time to dress in layers. The mornings are on the colder side but when the afternoon rolls in, you'll need to start removing some of those layers. The twist-front styled top has become one of my favorites and I paired it with a tan infinity scarf from H&M and casual heels from Zara. When the afternoon rolls up, I tuck the scarf away and I'm comfortable for the rest of the day. Next, when the fog rolls in at night, it's nothing a jacket for a top layer can't fix.

How do you guys layer during the in-between seasons? I'd love to hear some new ideas!


  1. Ah, you look so cute! You're dressed perfectly for your life - big city, TV shoots... You definitely look the part!

    While I do like winter, I wish there was a bit more opportunities for changing up style right now! It's usually too cold and snow-y to break out the layers-with-out-coats and all that ;)


  2. Your outfit is sooo cute! I'm especially loving your heels.
    It's still way too cold here in Germany to wear anything but sweaters, but when the sun does come out once in a week I like to wear a shirt with my leather jacket on top (and often anothe jacket and scarf over that because otherwise I'd freeze to death!)

    Franzi. x // []