My Trusty Zara Grey Coat

As promised, I'll have a few winter looks coming for you guys! I purchased this grey coat from Zara in Hong Kong back in October but I'm almost positive it was also sold in the US. This coat has been keeping me cozy throughout the winter and the thing I love about it the most is it doesn't feel itchy. Everyone needs a slick non-colored black coat in their closet to pop out once in a while for a "clean, adult" look. Granted, I'm still working on transitioning into adulthood now that I'm out of college lol. The only unfornate thing about these type of cute coats is they eventually have to take a back seat until next Winter. Although I live in San Francisco, it will warm up slightly to make this coat a little too dramatic when Spring hits.

Do any of you guys have a trusty coat you turn to every Winter? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Beautiful coat. I got rid of most of my coats last year as we haven't had a "winter" in years. I bought a winter coat this year (more for travel) which I am obsessed with.

  2. Beautiful coat! I've put you as one of my blogs to follow this week, you can check out the link to the post below x