"No bull skincare, for no bull girls."

Anese is a new and upcoming all natural brand based out of Califronia that has released a line of hydrating body and hair elixir. Their website recently launched on January 25th and in weeks to come, they will be releasing additional products such as toners and oils just to name a few. My initial reaction to the product was how much I loved the packaging - so much that I felt the need to show you guys the box it came in via mail. Anese's packaging is aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes and their not-so-subtle humor truly helps the brand stand out. The shape of the glass is simple and is any minimalist's dream.

The scent I received was Orange Blossom Vanilla, or labeled as "Smells Like Queen Spirit". The combination of the three scents is like no other and truly makes you feel like a queen. Other flavors include "Don't Be Sorry, Be Sexy" and "Bless This Mess". I like to spray a few spritz onto my body and hair when I'm fresh out of a hot shower because it is so refreshing. The ingredients include orange blossom water, witch hazel, organic aloe, and a fragrance oil blend - very straightforward. Keep in mind, this elixir is not a perfume so the scent doesn't last all day but it's at the perfect amount of strength so that it's not overpowering.

Each bottle retails for $22 with free shipping in the US and Anese was sweet enough to offer a discount code to all you loyal Pineapple Lipstick readers. When you enter the code 'priscillaanese' at checkout, you'll receive $5 off your purchase! Make sure you're following Anese on Instagram and share your purchase using the #anese hashtag. You guys need to hurry up, make your purchase, and then comment below so I can hear your thoughts!

*pr sample included

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  1. The packaging is so cute! I love the idea of a scent for your hair too!

    Alexandra |