Pixi Holiday Collection 2015

Now that we've entered the holiday season, more brands are releasing limited edition holiday gifts, which make for perfect stocking stuffers and we already know I am the biggest sucker for holiday gift packs. Take for instance, Pixi's Mini Mattelustre Lipstick Quartet, which has four of their top selling colors- Honey Bare, Petal Pink, Rose Naturelle and Bitten Rose. The lipsticks look dark but in actuality, the colors are a lot lighter than what they seem.
The formula of the lipstick is infused with Vitamins C & E to help create fuller and smoother looking lips. Pixi says this lipstick has a demi-matte finish but I personally think it leans much closer to a satin finish rather than a matte. When it comes to lipstick, my standards are much higher than the average person because one, I've been spoiled with using a variety of high-end lipsticks and two, lipstick is my most favorite beauty product.

With that said, I'm going to be honest and say Pixi's lipsticks are truly a drug store quality lipstick. The lipstick would not be able to last through meals compared to the high-end lipsticks I'm used to but let's be real, these are $3.50 each when you do the math. High end lipsticks go for $30-50 so you get what you pay for. However, I've yet to find a drug store lipstick that could last through a meal so it's still great quality - you can't compared apples to oranges. The colors are highly pigmented and they apply real smooth. Rose Naturelle and Honey Bare are my favorite out of the pack because they are gorgeous nudes!

Nonetheless, this is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves lipsticks! At $14, you get four of Pixi's most popular lip colors, which is a steal. Have you guys bought any of Pixi's 2015 Holiday Collection? I'd love hear your thoughts!

*pr samples included

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