Winter Edition: West Coast Craft

The weekends are the only time for me to adventure out in the city since I live that Monday-Friday 9-5 life. The West Coast Craft fair happens twice a year in San Francisco, once in the summer and once in the winter- you can read more about my summer experience here. There really wasn't a huge difference between the two events other than this time there was a free gift-wrapping service, which I'm assuming is because the holiday season is upon us. Purchasing items at events such as this means you're supporting local business owners, which is something I love to do!
As of lately, I've been digging all natural beauty products so I was overwhelmed (and excited) by the amount of natural beauty product vendors at the event. My two favorite were The Greater Goods and Etta + Bille. The handmade soap products instantly caught my eye because of the wide range of colors and patterns the soap consisted of. The scent of their products were too good to be true and I truly wished there was a way for me to share the scents with you but unfortunately, technology isn't there yet. Their bars of soap are made of natural clay and oils, which is great for the skin. I picked up some goodies from them so keep an eye out for a review! Their products can be purchased online so put in a order now!
And the rest of the photos are random snapshots I took because I wanted you guys to see all the cool things available for purchase. The most innovative item were the candles from Heliotrope SF. I love candles but the one thing I hate about them is you're basically burning your money away. The difference with these candles is it's made of soy and shea butter (instead of wax), which can be immediately re-purposed to be used as massage oil when the candle melts. Because it's soy, the oil burns at a warmer temperature allowing it to be used as massage oil. This is a genius idea so I highly recommend making a purchase online if you're not in San Francisco.

If you guys end up purchasing any of these, please let me know what you think of the products!

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  1. This place looks like a wonderland with all of the natural beauty products and home goods :)