Vacay to Hong Kong!

Hi guys! I wanted to give y'alls an update that I am heading out of the country to Hong Kong for a few days so I will be a little MIA. My last trip to Hong Kong was a about decade ago (I am getting so old *cries) so I'm excited for my upcoming visit! While I'm away, new posts will be on hiatus until I get back. However, I will be taking a million photos so I can share my experiences with my amazing readers once I arrive back to San Francisco. I am super stoked for the trip but I am 110% dreading the flight there since I'm looking at 15+ hours of airplane time each way.

Over this weekend, I ran a crazy amount of errands, did a lot of cleaning, and bought some last minute items for my trip. One of which, is my first Marc Jacobs bag. I have been searching high and low for the most perfect Marc Jacobs side bag but it was always too small, too big, or not the right color. I was so glad I was able to find the one before my trip because as you know, I prefer to be hands-free, especially since I'm traveling so far away. I'm super excited but will be active on Instagram so follow me there while I'm away!

I've been to Hong Kong a few times growing up but if you guys have any suggestions for new spots, hit your girl up!


  1. The bag is absolutely gorgeous, glad you found the perfect one :) Have a great time in Hong Kong!

    Chloe x
    Snug Corner

  2. Have fun in Hong Kong, we'll be waiting here exited for the photos!