My At-Home Spa with AVEDA

I received AVEDA's Stress Relief gift pack last Christmas and finally got around to trying it out! The gift pack included the following: a stress-fix body lotion ($31), stress-fix concentrate ($24), and stress-fix soaking salts ($42). The price of the gift set is $76 and is valued at $84 so it's a steal and if you were to get all three products separately, it would've cost even more. All three products have essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms.

Overall, I have nothing but positive things to say about pack! I've seen AVEDA's products from time to time when I walk past spas and I've used a few AVEDA soaps because that was the brand provided in the last hotel I stayed at. So let's start off with the lotion! The texture and look of the lotion what you'd expect your in your usual lotion, which is why I didn't post a swatch of the product. I love to apply the lotion on my body fresh out of the shower because the scent is very soothing and calms me down, hence the "stress-fix."It smells very therapeutic, like that typical smell in aromatherapy products that just relaxes you.
Next product is my favorite of the three, the soaking salts. After a stressful day of work, I love running a bubble bath with the soaking salt. I feel guilty when I do since California is a drought so I only do it when utmost de-stressing is needed. I'll throw in a Lush Bubble Bar (a holy grail, basically bubble heaven) into the bath and scoop two teaspoons of the salt while the bath is running. Afterwards, I'll lay for an hour and the smell is sensational - you immediately feel so relaxed and it's perfect after a rough day. The salt has a very thin texture compared to the soaking salts you usually find at drug stores. Not only does it reduce your stress, it also exfoliates and softens your skin! I definitely see myself repurchasing the salt by itself when I run out.
This little guy, the stress-fix concentrate, lives on my desk at work. When I feel stressed out during the day, I'll roll the product onto the inside of my wrists, hold it over my nose, and inhale for instant relaxation. I love how tiny the roller is because it's mobile to reduce stress anywhere and anytime because let's be honest, we all have our moments. The oil isn't sticky and absorbs into the skin quickly and just like the other two products, it smells amazing! A small amount of products goes a long way so this guy will be around for a while.

I'm glad this AVEDA set was gifted to me because this is something I personally wouldn't have purchased for myself. Are there any other AVEDA products you guys enjoy? Please share since I'm new to the brand!


  1. I'm loving these products just from the sound of your post! I honestly feel that I need these in my life right now especially to destress me from university!
    Great post!

  2. Wow so relaxing! Dying to try AVEDA products they sound wonderful! xxxxx

  3. I go to an aveda salon, and I do admit their products have great results. but sometimes the smell can be a little strong if they layer it on too much.