Another Round of Empties!

There's something about using a product until its very last drop that is so satisfying to me! Personally, I'm someone that 110% commits to everything I do. When I start a new show on Netflix, I'll finish it until the very end even if the show turns into a snoozefest. Same with beauty products - I do a lot of research prior to a purchase so once the purchase is made, it means I'm committed to finishing the product. Over the last few months, these are all the products I finished. 99% of my empties are usually skin and hair care products since it takes me a while to fully finish makeup.
Batiste Dry Shampoo as you all know is forever a holy grail for the days to save me from oily roots or when I skip a shampoo. You can read more here on a previous blog post and if you've been following me for a while, you'll know I'm all about this dry shampoo.

REN's ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser: This cleanser is made to target acne problems all while keeping the skin free from future breakouts. Because the cleanser is made of a clay ingredient, it doesn't foam up as a normal cleaner would. Instead, as you clean your face, it turns into a nice "milky" texture. After your wash, it doesn't leave your skin dry so I really appreciate that aspect of it. I used this cleanser only in the morning because I preferred a cleanser that foamed up in the evening. I 110% fell in love with this cleanser as I did see my acne reducing overtime and have added this onto my repurchase list!

Bath and Body Work's Passionfruit Kiss Body Wash: Being an only child away from home, I tend to receive care packages from mommy dearest quite often and she tends to include products from Bath and Body Works. This is your typical body wash with a fruity tropical scent that did what it was meant to do, clean. I have a few more bottles with different scents I'll be moving onto next- I'm looking forward to the aromatherapy washes!
Clinique's Acne Solution Cleaning Foam: This product was forced upon me by my mother dearest back in high school but to be honest, I did not have acne problems during my teenage years. I started to experience acne when I graduated from college (the irony right?) Anyways, that is why I went back to try this cleanser again and it did a great job. It kept my acne under control and prevnted new

Bliss Pore Perfecting Facial Polish: I can't find this product on Bliss, Sephora, or Ulta's website so I'm actually not sure if it was discontinued. This product did what it claimed to do but nothing about it blew my mind away for a repurchase... granted my standards are higher than the average person for a repurchase. There were little beads in for formula so I used the polish as an exfoliator twice a week. The scent was amazing- a hint of citrus without being too over-whelming and it genuinely made me feel so clean afterwards!

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner: This toner has been officially labeled a holy grail! When I was almost done with the bottle, I rushed to Ulta to pick up a second before I ran out. Glycolic acid is great for those suffering from acne because it's a powerful exfoliator that will restore your skin from acne damage. I've been seeing a huge difference with this toner that I highly recommend anyone combating acne to try it out!

Let me know what you guys think of these products and I'd love to hear about your current empties!


  1. So satisfying to build up a nice selection of empties hehe! Acid toner sounds quite intense but it sounds like a life saver when feeling spotty, I'll look into it thank you for the recommendations dear! xxxxx

  2. I love empties blogs :) check out mine below... I'm about to post a new one as I have sooo much "junk" in a bag ready to bin!