Who Loves Eyes? We Love Eyes!

I'm so excited to tell you guys about a new and amazing eyelid & eyelash makeup remover oil from We Love Eyes. that is strong but gentle enough to battle waterproof makeup! To give you some background, the oil was developed by a local Bay Area optometrist, Dr. Tanya Gill. She realized one day that a lot of the irritation her patients complained about was due to the harsh chemicals in eye makeup removers that hurt the delicate tissue around the eyes. That's when it hit her to create non-toxic, vegan, and all natural eye makeup removers, aka, the birth of her brand We Love Eyes. I've been using the tea tree eyelid & eyelash remover for about a month now and I have nothing but positive things to say about it!
To give some background about me, I have this phobia with anything happening to my eyes so it's very important for me to take care of them. I'm so paranoid that I have to apply my own eyeliner when I get my makeup done. I can't even watch people put contacts on because it freaks me out watching them basically grab their eyeballs and those stories of contacts getting stuck behind the eyes, yuck. *shudders. I'm lucky to have 20/20 vision so here's a shout-out to my parents for their amazing genes.
I took closeups of the bottle for you guys to see how natural the product is! The ingredients are simple and honest- tea tree oil, organic jojoba oil, and grape seed oil. Each bottle contains about 600 drops and I use 5 drops a day... meaning this is a 120 day supply! When I get home from work, my routine is to immediately remove my day old makeup before hopping into the shower. I dispense five drops onto a cotton pad and it basically melts away my eye makeup with gentle swipes. Since it takes little to no effort to clean, my eyes don't get irritated compared to using cleaners that require aggressive rubbing. The gentle aspect of this oil is the most important to me since my eyes are extremely picky when reacting to cleaners.
Since it's an oil, I recommend following up with a facial cleanser to finish the job to ensure absolutely no makeup is left behind. Personally, oils make me feel sticky so a cleanser cancels out that feeling for me. The oil is a yellow color (no dye is added) so it's natural and has a tea tree smell that I enjoy because it's very soothing. I've definitely found a holy grail eye makeup remover that I'll be sticking with for a while! I especially love that Dr.Gill supports local and natural items as well- the grape oil she uses in the remover is local to the Bay Area from Napa Valley. Her line of makeup removers can be found at your local optometrist office or online at www.weloveeyesproducts.com! I love supporting local companies, whether it's the Bay Area or Hawaii.

Dr. Gill is active on Instagram (@weloveeyesxo) so feel free to reach out to her with additional questions about the products there! If there are no more questions, order yourself a tea tree eyelid & eyelash remover immediately because you won't regret it! This oil is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to my eyes... next to false eyelashes haha. Please follow up with me about your experience with the oil because I'd love to hear about it!
*pr sample included

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  1. Gosh, this product really does sound like a dream come true. I wear a lot of heavy eyeliner and have been avoiding waterproof mascara forever because washing the stuff off my eyes is often painful and irritating to my skin. Need to try this!