Sunday Funday in San Francisco! #808inthe415

Two of my homies from Hawaii, Donna & Chan, drove down to San Francisco from Sacramento on Sunday so some overdue quality time was well spent! Given that they were only in the city for a few hours before driving back, we got a lot accomplished. We started with stopping at the Painted Ladies where the intro of Full House was filmed and ate at Umami Burger in the Marina. Afterwards, we went rowing at Stow Lake in the Golden Gate Park, which is one of my favorite things to do in SF! Anyone who visits, I highly recommend a rowing trip there. Since there was four of us, we couldn't use the traditional row boat so we went with a paddling boat. However, the paddle boat was way harder than it looked haha - we turned our relaxing Sunday into an extreme leg day. We rented the boat for an hour but halfway through, we were over it lol. But it really is a great experience rowing through the lake and seeing the waterfall midway. Afterwards we went to two more tourist sites, Mia Thermopolis's high school from the Princess Diaries movie and the top of Twin Peaks to see the entire San Francisco. All in all, it was a Sunday well spent!

If any of my amazing readers need suggestions on things to do in San Francisco, hit your girl up as I'd be more than happy to suggest a few things!


  1. Your photos are stunning, looks so lovely x

    Lucy |

  2. It looks and sounds like you had a great day! It's so nice to see friends and get to show them where you live. It's too bad the paddle boats were more difficult than anticipated, but I'm sure it was a good laugh, and a good adventure :)


  3. Dope! My neck of the woods! Your blog is everything 🙌🏾 found it on Bloglovin'