The Nude & Gold Combination

Back in high school, I had a tremendous nail polish collection that was inspired by my mom who doesn't go a day with naked and/or chipped nails. I had a lot of time on my hands back then so I had a huge interest in doing my own nail art as well. In college, I would've been lucky enough to sleep, not alone paint my nails. I want to say I currently have about 4-5 shades of dark colors, which I rotate but it was getting boring so I bought two new colors from Essie that are on the brighter side.
Lady Like is the perfect nude, dusty rose color and Rock of the Top is a gold glitter, which I am planning to use as an accent color. I like my nail polish colors the same way as my lipsticks - dark. Lady Like isn't too pink and bright for me since it has a dusty-like hue to it.
This is the final look of the polish, Lady Like on every nail with Rock of the Top accented on my ring finger. It's a great subtle combination to help brighten up my nails that are usually on the darker side.

How do you guys feel about this combination?


  1. Love this combo! You have such lovely long nails to compliment it too!

  2. Love the combo! I love wearing nude colors on my nails. I'm on the look out for that shade now. Thanks!

  3. Omg these colors are beautiful !

  4. This is such a lovely combo!! You always pick the best colours!!
    Jennie Emma

  5. That nude shade is everything you need in life haha so beautiful!
    xoxo, Maria

  6. These colours look gorgeous together wow - I must pick these two up in the future!

    Lucy |

  7. I love this combination! Nude polishes are my favourite right now, and I really want to try the gold sparkly one you have here. Essie polishes are great!

    xo, Liz

  8. I love that combination! Lady Like is a great, dark nude but Rock of the Top brings a bit more interest :)


  9. I LOVE nude shades of nail polish, esp this summer. I love the sparkle on the ring finger - so cute! It is a lovely combo, Priscilla!
    xox Nadia

  10. Love these shades together! I love the pop of glitter on just one nail it's such a classy look!

    Amy x