Obsessed with High-Slit Coats

As of lately, I have been feeling lengthy coats but this one I love in particular for it's high-slit design. It can be picked up online at Forever 21, the Collarless Duster Coat in charcoal. San Francisco weather has been bi-polar lately starting off foggy and cold in the morning, semi-sunny in the afternoon, and cold again in the evening. The coat material isn't thick, which makes it perfect for the summer. I paired the coat with a simple black tee + a pair of white distressed jeans for a minimalist look. The wind was out to play when I was taking the photos so it shows how the coat flows. The comfort level to this coat is amazing and I'm definitely hoping to pick up more of these in different colors.

How do you guys feel about this style of coats?


  1. I love the coat! :)

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

  2. You look so incredibly chic! What an effortless, gorgeous look I absolutely love those shoes as well! I love these coats they are so stylish I think, you look amazing! xxxxx


  3. You look so chic and trendy, absolutely your kind of clothing! I love the high-slit coat fashion and give a basic outfit a trendy touch!

  4. I know the feeling when it comes to bipolar weather! You look fabulous anyway! X

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  5. I love this look, great outfit!