Weekend Roundup: Summer West Coast Craft Fair

If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably up to date that I was recently gifted a Sony a5100 camera (yay!) as I've had my eye on it for a while. I'm excited because I'll be able to document more of my adventures since the camera is easier to carry around compared to my Canon Rebel T1i. Anyways, San Francisco hosted the West Coast Craft Fair this past weekend, a design show giving artists a place to sell their work. It took place at Fort Mason's Festival Pavilion on June 13 & 14 from 10am-6pm and it was definitely worth checking out. The event was basically Etsy heaven. I rarely come out to this part of town since it's extra cold down here but Fort Mason was a beautiful venue choice for the event.
During my walk through the vendors, I found some great items that was worth documenting to share with you guys. First off, this amazing handmade pineapple print leather backpack. As you know, I'm attracted to all things pineapple so I was in love. If I'm not mistaken, the backpack was made by Khoi Le Leatherwares.
The fair featured a customized exhibit of Converse shoes designed by different artists that was for sale. All were insanely creative but of course, my favorite was the pineapple design. It's too bad the shoe wasn't in my size because I would've swooped them up. The designer of this shoe was also the same person that designed the pineapple print backpack picture above.
My favorite vendor was Concrete Geometric, who is based in Los Angeles. They had an amazing stock of geometric shaped items that could be used to store accessories, air plants, etc. I picked up a few of their items since I'm working on revamping my home decor. A lot of DIY projects could be created from their adorable containers.
As I was strolling around, the words "Moon Honolulu" on a t-shirt quickly caught my eyes. As you guys know, I was born and raised in Hawaii so I was immediately intrigued. It turns out the owners behind the brand Moon Collective were originally from Hawaii as well. We had a short conversation but it's refreshing to meet people from home chasing their dreams. The brand doesn't have a store front in Hawaii but their gear can be copped at your local In4mation!

All in all, I had another adventure filled weekend. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these type of posts since I know they're different from the usual beauty reviews. However, don't fret because those beauty posts aren't going anywhere. Here's to a great week ahead, happy Monday everyone!


  1. OMG everything is soo cute! I'm an Etsy lover, so this definitely will be my heaven too. Is the Sony camera any good? I'm on the look out for a new camera, too! xx

    La'bell | labellwong.blogspot.com

    1. I'm in love with the sony a5100! Since it's smaller and lighter compare to my Canon, I get to bring it out more often! I also love the flip screen feature so much. Def check out sony's mirror-less cameras as they're great alternatives to DSLR's.