How to Pack for a 36 Hour Trip

I have never been known to be a great packer. Even during my weekend getaways that are for a short two days, I'll still have a duffle bag and backpack full of stuff because I'm someone that needs options. However this past weekend, I spent 36 hours in Los Angeles and I was limited to one small backpack, which was a daunting thought at first. In addition, I was flying so there were additional limitations when it came to beauty products.
All of my skincare products are not travel friendly sized so I was trying to figure out how to get them repackaged. The two ounce empty travel bottles you can purchase from drug stores was an option but for one night, it didn't make sense to put in only a night's worth into that big bottle. Plus, I'd need a few of those and that would've taken up too much room in my backpack. As I was strolling through Target's one spot, the idea came to me! I picked up two sets of miniature round plastic containers that came in a pack of 3. I had to prioritize my beauty products/toiletries because I only had 6 containers. Eventually I narrowed it down to the following 6 products:

1. Supergoop's SPF 30 City Sunscreen - my biggest priority since I was heading to sunny LA (product review here)
2. Hourglass's foundation in Beige - my most reached for foundation
4. the Face Shop's snail cleanser - (product review here)
6. Toothpaste that I decided to repackage because I didn't want to purchase a travel sized one
In addition to these products, I had to extremely narrow down the amount of makeup I was bringing. This task was not easy and an exercise like this really shows you what products can't go a day without. I didn't realize it then but all the makeup I brought, I either reviewed them previously or there's a review sitting in my queue. The products I decided on are as follows:

1. Becca's Highlight in Moonstone
2. MUFE's Full Cover Concealer (product review here)
3. NARS Travel Blush/Bronzer Duo
4. Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Powder in Dimlight
5. Anastasia Beverly Hill's Dipbrow in Medium Brown
6. NYX's lipliner in Mauve
7. Dior's Eyelash Primer (product review here)
8. Anastasia Beverly Hill's Clear Eyebrow Setting Gel (product review here)
9. Anastasia Beverly Hill's Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood (product review here)
10. Benefit's They're Real Mascara (product review here)
11. Stila's Liquid Eyeliner
12. Elf's Makeup Remover Pen

The rest of my stuff included PJ's, chargers, an outfit change, and a few other personal essentials such as my wallet, camera, etc. I hope all you out there who aren't great packers were able to learn a tip or two from this post! I'd love to hear more packing tips from my wonderful readers if you guys have any because I really should start to pack less when I travel.


  1. I admire how organised you are! Thanks for the wonderful tips sweetheart, will definitely be coming back to this post in the future! xxxxxx

  2. Great post, thank you! I am the worst at packing.

  3. I hadn't thought of putting my products in smaller jars before--great tip!

  4. I like to feel as though I have options as well so I tend to bring basic bottoms, whether it be a skirt, shorts or jeans and then 2-3 tops to go with it, instead of just one. That way it doesn't take up as much space as three separate outfits would! xx

  5. I'm so bad at packing! So this really helped!

    Lauren x |

  6. Great post! I definitely need to those containers for my next trip.