Weekend Roundup: Los Angeles Edition

Hiiiiii all! I apologize for falling behind on my posts but it's because I'm trying to make up for my current loss of sleep. The reason for my Road Trip Essentials post was because the bf and I took a road trip to Los Angeles over the weekend. Side note, I got a lot of love on that post so I wanted to thank all my readers! I'm not even kidding when I say I probably slept a total of 10 hours during the whole trip. The boo and I take a road trip down to SoCal a few times a year but this one was special because one of my best friends from Hawaii, Donna, met up with us! There were times where I got lazy to lug around my Canon Rebel T1I so most of these photos are from my iPhone 6+ so please excuse some of the graininess.

Friday evening was spent driving from SF to LA with our first stop being Bulgogi Hut for cheap all you can eat Korean BBQ. I literally love Korean BBQ so much it's ridiculous and the quality in LA is so much better than SF. Cheap Korean BBQ is a must when visiting the city of angels and I can't stress this enough. After that, we basically called it a night because the drive was so exhausting.
The entire Saturday was spent at one of my most favorite places on Earth, Disneyland! Everyone tells me I should be an annual pass holder given how much I loooove going but it's something I never got around to doing. I was soo excited to be at Disneyland with Donna because we're never there at the same time because someone always ends up bonking. She is literally a blast, which made Disneyland 100x more fun.
This Disneyland trip was the best one yet because it was the first time I got to attend the Spring Round-Up Event, where a variety of Disney rabbits make an appearance. Growing up, I had a huge Thumper obsession and still do to this day so meeting him was a major life event crossed off my bucket list. I was given a Thumper doll by my Dad and Grandpa at a young age and I swear, I carried him with me everywhere and that was where I found my comfort. Since my first Thumper, I probably own every Thumper doll made and I am not exaggerating. The small Thumper doll pictured was gifted to me from my Grandpa in the 3rd grade that he bought from Hong Kong. I carried him around the park the entire day and when real Thumper saw doll Thumper in my hand, he got really excited haha.
Donna and I's stomachs are also best friends as well. She's one of the few people that understand how important a great meal is so she worked hard to plan out the food we ate throughout the day. *Shoutout for your hardwork in planning haha. For lunch, we ate at the House of Blues restaurant in Downtown Disney and it was amazing. The bf and I shared a bacon wrapper meatloaf + lobster mac and cheese. I highly recommend this for your D.Land agenda. The portions were bigger than expected and reasonably priced compared to the food in the park.
Oh and one more thing! Meet Felicia the goat. I've been to Disneyland a million of times but never knew they had a petting zoo. There were cows, donkeys, sheep, etc. It's amazing to me that with each trip, new discoveries are made since the park is so large in size. When I'm at D.Land, I turn into a five year old so these animals were so amusing.
And of course, the night was topped off with the infamous World of Color show. Unfortunately, it was the same show I've seen one too many times. However, Disney is releasing a new World of Color show in May/June for their 60th Anniversary that will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. I'm hoping to make a trip down to catch the new show. However, the fire in the Pirates of the Caribbean part never gets old.

Sunday was spent with Pineapple Lipstick's graphic designer, Ahndiana, another one of my best friends! She is also the one that always puts a roof over our head while we're visiting so big shoutout to her and her roommate Emi for welcoming us. The last time I was in LA, we didn't have time for LACMA's Urban Lights so we squeeze it into our schedule this time. No Strings Attached is one of my favorite movies of all time so that's why I love coming here. Afterwards, we went to a few street fashion shops unique to LA such as Nasty Gal, Supreme, Union, etc.
We used to go to Porto's all the time but for some reason, it fell off our SoCal radar. I picked up a dozen cheese rolls and potato balls to take back to San Francisco. SOO GOOD. It's a must try whenever you're in SoCal.
And of course, I couldn't leave Los Angeles without a Sprinkles Ice Cream Sundae. I usually go with a red velvet cupcake and captain crunch ice cream combination but this time I changed it up and got with the birthday cake cupcake and captain crunch ice cream. We left back to SF mid-day and arrived home around midnight. I went straight to sleep after a quick shower because I had work the next morning.
All in all, it was another amazing Los Angeles road trip for the books! I barely slept at all during the trip but who needs sleep when you're having a blast. If you want to see more photos, follow me on Instagram @sillaaa! Shoutout to all the homies who made it memorable and the bf for being a trooper and driving the entire time! I'd love to hear about your favorite travel destinations! It's about time I find a new place to visit besides Los Angeles.


  1. Amazing! The photos of you at Disney are just adorable! You look so happy! I love visiting all different places in Europe, my favourite city is Barcelona :)


  2. Stunning pictures, I'm so jealous! Looks like you had such a great time. Lovely post, as always!

    Karis // karisatkinson.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Beautiful photos... I am extremely jealous of that ice-cream right now!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. Definitely due to go back to LA! This summer I'll be going back to Delaware with a friend and I'm super pumped for that!

  5. your pictures are too cute!!

  6. Great pictures as always! I love LA!
    Love Lynda