Sephora's Beauty Before Brunch Event

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you're fully rested and ready to take on the rest of the week. Yesterday, I got to attend a private event put on by Sephora for VIB Rouge members, which was so fun! The Beauty Before Brunch event was a morning of closed-door shopping from 9AM-11AM, getting first access to the 15% sale taking place from 4/12-4/21. It's less from the last VIB Rouge sale last November at 20% off but since Sephora never has sales, it's still worth splurging a little. Everyone who attended the event got to take home a striped fold-over clutch filled with samples. I am absolutely in love with the clutch since I love all things black and white. The clutch can be easily paired with outfits but it's a little on the smaller side compared to normal clutches - however, I can't complain since it was a complimentary gift.
Since it was early in the morning, light refreshments were provided. Sephora employees were walking around offering pastries and drinks to enjoy while you shopped. In addition, mini makeovers, tutorials, and contour classes were going on at the same time. Since it was a closed-door event to Rouge members, the store was a lot less crowded than usual and the employees were extremely helpful to answer all questions and provide recommendations. I wished Sephora would hold more of these events because it's great motivation for someone to uphold their Rouge membership. The photo on the left is a flyer of the event and the right was the cute cups used for refreshments. I spent all week preparing and prioritizing a wish list of things to buy. If I know a sale is coming up at Sephora, I put my purchases on hold until it happens and buy everything all at once.
I had a blast swatching everything in the store as you can see from the picture on the left. I try my best to not buy colors I already have so when I shop, I do heavy comparisons. It just doesn't make sense to me to own the same color in a variety of brands - you're better off getting a new color you don't have. After the sale is over, I'll be doing a post about everything I picked up online and in-store. For now, the photo on the right is a sneak peak at the things I grabbed this morning. I re-upped on some holy grails and picked up a few things I've been eyeing out for a while. Shopping before the official opening of the store was great because there was less chances of things being sold out. At the end of the private shopping event, a lot of the things on my wish list were cleared out so I'm glad I got my hands on them. I still have some things to purchase online that wasn't in-store and my Mom's wish list to take care of as well. When these Sephora sales go on, I love treating my mom to a spree because I owe her the world.

All in all, I spent way too much money so I am putting my beauty purchases on hold for a while when the sale is done. For all of you who went, did you have a blast as well? I'd love to hear about what went on at other Sephora locations!

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  1. I'm so jealous, looks like you got your hands on some amazing products and had a nice time! x