Meet the Co-Founder of Caudalie!

Last night, I got to meet Mathilde Thomas, the co-founder of the French skincare brand Caudalie! Caudalie is an all natural skincare brand that has been on my radar for a while. The brand uses only natural and environmentally friendly ingredients and are 110% against animal testing. In addition, you'll never find parabans, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate, and animal ingredients in her products. Mathilde is so passionate about a greener world, she also donates profit to protect regions of the world threatened by deforestation and where biodiversity is in danger. I know to the average person, it doesn't seem like these issues are a big deal but I took environmental science in college so I I've learned some basic facts of why protecting the world we live in is so important. It's refreshing to meet someone who shows her passion in a variety of outlets - through her beliefs and skincare line.

What interested me the most was Caudalie's new line of masks Mathilde calls, "the Mask Wardrobe." The Mask Wardrobe consist of four new masks- Instant Detox Mask, Purifying Mask, Glycolic Peel, and Moisturizing Mask.
Mathilde explained to me that out of the four, the Purifying Mask would fit my skin type the most, oily and acne prone. The mask reduces breakouts and help your skin to regrow healthier skin cells. The Glycolic Peel gives you an immediate radiance look and fades the look of dark spots, another one I'm considering to get since I battle with hyper-pigmentation. The Instant Detox Mask is the strongest out of the four where if you leave on longer than the recommended time, your skin will become too dry and the purpose will be defeated. It clears the pores of toxins, impurities and pollution. A great once a week pick-me-up for stressed out and tired skin. And last, the Moisture Mask that restores moisture, relieves redness, and softens your skin. We've all been guilty of over-exfoliating our skin and Mathilde suggested this to undo the damage.

I had such a great time meeting Mathilde and having her explain to me what Caudalie is all about!