The Cleansing Wipes for Champions

Neutrogena's Total Makeup Removal Cleansing Wipes is a major holy grail in my beauty stash. At any given time, I will have at least 5+ packs of these bad boys. The two sizes I purchase regularly are the 25 and 7 count packs. The 25-pack stays home with me, which I use on a daily basis and the 7-pack lives in my purse. This is one of the products that is okay to hoard without any shame lol.

I have a serious fear for anything that has to do with my eyes for some reason and nothing has happened in my life to make me this way. Something as normal as watching people put on/take off their contacts can freak me out - just the thought of it is giving me chills. *Shudders. Anyways, these wipes are eye friendly, which is exactly what I need. In my years of using the cleansing wipes, not once has my eyes ever stung or got irritated.

The cleansing wipes are strong enough to remove 99.3% of your most stubborn make-up... aka the cleansing wipes for champs. What about waterproof mascara you ask? No problem because the wipes will take care of that too! Don't ever get tempted to try cheaper brands because to me, it's not worth the trade off of quality and protection of your eyes (especially if you have an eye-phobia like me.) Plus, these wipe's aren't too pricy to start off with since it's a drugstore brand. If you've never used this before, go out and get these right away! There's no need to overspend with name brand wipes because these babies got you.

Neutrogena's Total Makeup Removal Cleansing Wipes


  1. Might have to look into these, although I find super drugs own make realllllly good and for 99p I dont think I can complain? Haha!

    Sam, SPRKSAM

  2. Hi Sam! I would def give them at least one try so you can make your own comparison to understand the greatness of Neutrogena's!