Perfect Pick-Me-Up: Gel Masks

After a long work week, my favorite thing to do on a Friday night is to simply relax.

My usual Friday routine consists of going out to eat (because let's be honest, I am not using my non-existent energy to cook) and heading straight home to shower. Afterwards, I immediately snuggle up in bed with my boy Netflix.

Instead of using more of my non-existent energy for a face mask that takes too much work, I reach for my Gel Masks by Nature Republic, which I absolutely love! This is another product I tend to hoard, mainly because I reach for them so often *cues Often by the Weekend. At any given time, I'll have 15+ of these bad boys in my stash. Nature Republic is a Korean skincare brand that can be found in Hawaii, parts of California, and in New York. Unfortunately, San Francisco does not have it's own location so I either stock up with I'm at home or my sweetheart mom mail these babies down to me in bulk.

When you open the package, it comes in two separate pieces - one for the top half of your face and one for the bottom half of your face. To use, simply align the two pieces onto your face and leave on for about 20-30 minutes after you cleanse and tone. Nature Republic Gel Masks come in different "flavors," if you will - ranging from tea tree, lavender, shea butter, bamboo, just to name a few. I have acne prone skin so I tend to reach for the tea tree one the most because it calms my breakouts and leaves the skin looking radiant. Gel masks are great since the product is pre-soaked into the mask and when applied directly to your face, your skin instantly hydrates. However, this mask doesn't work instant miracles - I just think it's a great pick-me-up for tired skin after a long work week.

Another great occasion to use gel masks is on the airplane! Who cares if people around you judge - you most likely don't know anyone on board anyways. Plus, you'll be the only one coming off the plane glowing with radiant skin while everyone else looks tired and exhausted. After a long flight, your skin is dry due to the recycled air on board so I'll use one of these bad boys an hour before landing and right away, my dry skin ends up feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. You come off the plane feeling much more energized!

Words cannot explain how refreshing the gel mask feels on your skin and I love how easy it is to use! Nature Republic's Gel Masks range from $4-$10 so it's decently priced but if anyone has another brand they recommend, I'd love to hear them! I generally love all types of gel masks because of it's instant hydration and convenience.


  1. love the post! How would you say these compare to Face shop masks? I want to try these out because they are nice little affordable skin pick-me-uppers.
    Also do you do anything after a mask (rinse, moisturize or anything?) just curious.
    <3 you!

  2. Hi Jamie! You are one of my favorite loyal readers <3

    I've used maybe 1-2 Face Shop masks before and even though I love Face Shop over Nature Republic in terms of skincare, Face Shop masks are sheet masks whereas Nature Republic ones are gel masks. I feel the gel masks are more soothing! Do you have any Face Shop recommendations? I'd love to try some out. And to answer your question, rinsing isn't required but I do like to add a nighttime moisturizer before going to bed :)

  3. I love face shops green tea toner , and their cleansers are pretty good for the price, I gotta try nature republics masks!!