My New Espadrilles + Harem Pants

Happy Friday everyone! Before I start rambling, I want to announce that I will be throwing in a few outfit of the day blog posts because I was an #ootd fanatic years ago on Instagram. Now that Spring is on the way, San Francisco has had occasional sunlight, motivating me to dress up.

As you may know, I'm pretty conservative when it comes to spending money. I feel I'm at the point of my life where I need to keep a rainy day fund so I enjoy the concept of "style on a budget." I picked up these tan colored espadrilles from Target a few days ago priced at $25 (a steal right!?) and they are so comfortable! Flat styled shoes are my favorite for days when I'm running late or in a rush because they can be slipped on quickly on my way out. No strings to be tied or zippers to be zipped. You know those painful first days of wearing new shoes they need to be broken into? This pair wasn't one of them so they've been comfy since day one. Espadrilles are great for the spring season to pair with floral prints and brighter colors. However, 80% of my wardrobe is all black so I paired the shoes with a black racer back crop top and my new leather trimmed harem pants. The tan espadrilles gave my outfit the subtle pop of color I was looking for.

I have been all about harem pants lately. I love how airy the pants are and how free I feel in them. Because I grew up in hot and humid Hawaii, I never needed to wear/own long pants and jeans. Heck, I probably had 1-2 pairs at most. I started to buy jeans when I moved to San Francisco to protect my legs from the cold and man do I hate them! I'm someone that feels uncomfortable when my legs are constrained into my clothes so I welcome all pieces as joggers, harem, and palazzo pants. Harem pants are versatile depending on what you pair them with - you can create the everyday casual (what I was going for), business casual, or throw on some heels with them for a date. Am I the only one that hates wearing jeans? I'm not sure if I'm weird in that department or if there are others out there that share the similar opinion but whatever the case, I'm currently revamping my wardrobe with more these bad boys.


  1. I hated jeans too until I found a pair of topshop ones that didn't make me look stupid. Love your outfit, especially the shoes!

  2. I'm totally in love with your outfit with the espadrilles!
    Love Lynda

  3. I wish I wasn't so chubby so Harem pants didn't make me look even chubbier! :P They look so comfy!
    Great look, very laid back :)
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  4. I've been on the hunt for a cute jumper jogger or Harlem ):

    1. F21 is the spot! But look online because the F21's in Hawaii are so bleh.