February's Monthly Wallet Sacrifice

I took it easy on my wallet this month because I am still recovering from my Hawaii vacation but it took a lot of willpower to stay strong.

1. Sephora Collection's Pro Full Coverage Airbrush 53
If you don't have this brush in your collection, you are missing out. The unique shape allows for a larger application control compared to the rest of your typical brushes, which makes this the perfect blending tool for a flawless face. Technically this brush is made and perfect for blending but what I discovered is that it is actually perfect for applying bronzer as well. Benefit's Hoola is my go-to daily bronzer and I use the #53 brush to sweep across my jawline, forehead, and cheekbones. Because the brush is long and flat, it makes for a steady application for bronzer, especially on your cheekbones. I highly recommend this for a beginner when it comes to contouring because it gives you a lot of control.

2. Anastasia's Clear Brow Gel 
This is my second tube of Anastasia's Clear Brow Gel because it is amazing! After I use the Dipbrow Pomade in the dark brown shade,  I use this gel to set it and rarely do I ever need to do a touch up. The gel sets the eyebrow hair in place, which is very important in my routine because the hair on my right eyebrow has a mind of it's own as weird as that sounds. I used my first tube to it's very last drop and I have no plans to switch teams when it comes to eyebrow gel. Anastasia Beverley Hills has really been rocking the eyebrow game.

3. Chloe's Love Story Perfume

I actually got a 0.25 fl oz of this for free from Sephora by redeeming it for 250 points, which I thought was a steal. The 0.20 fl oz rollerball version is $20 and that is in a not so presentable tube. This redeemable one has the same packaging as the full-sized bottle, so it's even cuter and fits nicely in your purse. I had my eye on this because it smelled so amazing but I really didn't need to add another full-sized bottle of perfume to my collection. I was so excited when I saw this as a redeemable award because it gave me the opportunity to have a cute and smaller version of it. If you are still able to get this as an award, I would go do it now while supply lasts!

4. Sephora's NARS Birthday Gift Set
So my birthday isn't until July but I seriously could not wait- instead, I redeemed my Mom's. Out of all the years I claimed Sephora's free birthday gift, this year was by far the best in my opinion. The set includes a Velvet matte Lip Pencil in Cruella and a Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien- in other words it's a beautiful matte red and sheer pink. The full sized ones are sized at 0.086 oz and priced at $26. The mini is 0.060 oz so it's more than half of the full size and free on your birthday month. What a deal! So remember, when your birthday month rolls around, don't forget to make a trip to Sephora, which you should be doing anyways to celebrate!


  1. I love your reviews! :) Will be keeping up with your posts!


  2. Love seeing swatches!

  3. The Nars Lip Pencils look amazing!!

  4. The Nars Lip Pencils look amazing!!


    1. They are Wies! When it's your birthday month, make sure you rush over to Sephora to grab yours :)