My Current Eyelash Routine

It's no secret, every girl loves to bat their eyelashes once in a while!

Naturally, I have smaller shaped eyes due to my Asian genes so I have to work twice as hard on my eyelashes to have my eyes appear larger. To make matters worse, I was one of the unlucky ones born with non-existent eyelashes so I actually have to work three times as hard for long and luscious eyelashes. You probably hear this claim from people with decent length eyelashes a lot but I am serious when I say mine does not exist.

Why don't I just use false lashes? Because I'd prefer to use them only on special occasions. Plus, I don't have the time and patience to use them everyday. Why don't I get eyelash extensions? I'd rather be spending the $100+ a month buying new lipsticks. Therefore, I spend more time than the average person on lashes and am excited to share with all of you my daily eyelash routine.

Step 1: Shiseido Eyelash Curler
When I was in the market to upgrade my eyelash curler, I was torn between Shu Uemura's and Shiseido's eyelash curlers. We've all heard great things about Shu Uemura's and this was the one I ultimately wanted at the end. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on a Shu Uemura curler since the brand is no longer present in the US so I gave up and went with the Shiseido, which took no effort to get since it's available at Sephora. Even though this wasn't my first choice, I ended up loving it! This is the first eyelash curler I've owned that is comfortable enough for my almond shaped eyes. Curling my eyelashes is the first step of my routine. I hold it down and count to twenty, which is longer than usual but I don't mind because the pinch is painless (compared to cheap curlers.)

Step 2: Dior's Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
After curling, I apply eyelash primer right away. My lashes are short and stubborn. If I don't prime immediately, the curl I get from my curler will fall in a minute - it is super frustrating and I have my straight Asian hair genes to thank for this. Anyways, Dior is my holy grail eyelash primer! I've tried a few in my lifetime but this one really makes all the difference in creating a base for your mascara. It's quick-drying formula is made to plump and lengthen your natural eyelashes so you can get the most out of your mascara. Another benefit Dior's primer has is it contains hydrolyzed soy protein, which will help your eyelashes grow in length and strength overtime. This primer helps to make my eyelashes appear 3x as long, which is so amazing to me.

Step 3: Benefit's They're Real! Mascara
There may or may not be better mascara products out there but I love Benefit's They're Real! Mascara- I apply this as soon as Dior's primer dries. This was the first non-drug store brand mascara I ever tried out and I've stuck with it since. I know there are a lot of great mascaras I'm probably missing out on but I can't seem to stray away from Benefit. This dramatically lengthens your eyelashes as it promises and works even greater paired with Dior's primer. This product was love at first try, which explains why I've remained loyal. The brushed is designed with staggered bristles, which will grab even the shortest of your eyelashes to ensure maximum length and volume.

Step 4: Sephora's Contoured Eyelash Comb I use this innovative eyelash comb as my last step to brush out any clumps from my mascara application. It works wonders when it comes to combing out your lashes, all while helping to enhance the curl making my eyes worthy of batting. I love this tool so much it has it's own dedicated post, which is why I'll keep this short.

These four products are my tried and true daily eyelash items, which I came down to after a lot of trial and error with different products. If any of you guys have recommendations that you swear by, I would love to hear them because there is always room for improvement in my routine!


  1. Oh girl, I totally feel your pain! Thank goodness there are great products out there and primers are definitely a BIG help!

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there with the same eyelash problem Kim! I had no idea mascara primers existed until I received a sample a few years back and from that moment on, my life changed lol!

  3. Love the post! Does the Shisedo curler really worth the $$s? I was always thinking of getting around to getting one, I use drugstore and it totally sucks lol. My eyelashes are super straight and thin (I feel your pain lol ); ) I'm always jealous of Mike -___- Men and their unfair gifts.

    1. Omg Jamie I know some guys whose eyelashes are so long the top and bottom lashes tangle in the outer corners of their eyes - so not fair! Tell Mike I hate him too haha, just kidding. But there's a HUGE difference between drug store vs. name brand curlers! My eyelash game changed when I bought the Shiseido one. Maybe you should try the Shu Uemura curler since it's the one I originally wanted! has a no shipping minimum right now so if you try it out, tell me how you like it! I was debating on buying one too but I'm like ehh my Shiseido is only a few months old so I don't know if I should spend more money... :(

  4. They're real benefits mascara is one of my favs!

  5. I know! Have you considered trying Benefit's new roller mascara? I'm on the fence about it since I love They're Real! so much.