Sonia Kashuk Brush Set

I had to search high and low for these bad boys! I even called it a lost cause and gave up all hope but one day as I was strolling through Target on my lunch break, there was one more left on the shelf with my name all over it. I was lucky because I jumped on this pretty late so I'm sure the one I copped was returned by a dummy who didn't know the greatness in her hands but whatever, one girl's trash is another girl's treasure!

This 15-piece purple brush set priced at $40 was a limited edition launch to celebrate Sonia Kashuk's 15th anniversary. Sonia Kashuk's line can be found at Target and for a drug store brand, their brushes hold up pretty well. So far, all that I've used haven't shed and are so soft. The best part is every brush is usable - when it comes to brush sets, there are always 1-2 where you don't need. 

Do the math: $40 for 15 brushes means they were $2.67 each. What a steal! Shoutout to the person that returned this set so it was able to land on my vanity.

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