My Amazing Graphic Designer @ahndijuly

Talent alert!

The Graphics on Pineapple Lipstick were designed by a long time homie, Ahndiana Flores. Ahndi (ahn-dee) and I go way back to high school and she is the most talented graphic designer I know! She never believes me when I say this but Ahndi is someone I highly respect and truly look up to in life. Not only did she help me design Pineapple Lipstick, she also did a few things to get me started by giving me tips and buying me journals to jot down ideas. If you need anything, and I mean anything done with design, email her at for a consultation.

This blog started as a far-fetched idea but thanks to her graphics and motivation from my Instagram followers, I was ready to launch this blog.

Happy official birthday Pineapple Lipstick!

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