Sephora: VIB ROUGE

I can never decide if this is something to be proud of or ashamed of...

In whichever case, I have once again hit Sephora's VIB Rouge. My VIB Rouge package came with a cute red membership card and a BITE mini shade of red lipstick that is specifically made and can only be purchased by Rouge members. For those of you who don't know about Sephora's award system, it's called the Beauty Insider that consists of three levels: Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rogue.

Beauty Insider is free when you join. Every time you purchase something from Sephora in-store or online, be sure to use your Beauty Insider account because every dollar you spend equates to a point you can use to redeem free items.  When you spend $350, you move onto the VIB level that comes with a one time coupon for 10% off your entire purchase and free shipping. Lastly, once you've hit the $1,000 mark, you've reached the highest level: VIB Rouge. The benefits you get from being a VIB Rouge member are the following:

  • Free shipping on all orders with no minimum (it's usually a $50 min.)
  • You receive an all-access pass to Sephora's Beauty Studio, which allows for unlimited free access to in-store beauty services
  • Early access to purchase new beauty items online before it's official release date
  • There are a few flash sales where you get to enjoy 20% off everything in-store and online

You end up spending a lot of money in order to get the benefits of a VIB Rouge member but I think it's worth it if you're as beauty obsessed as I am.

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